Institute Management Solutions (IMS)

Education is one of the most important sector which is directly proportional to the growth of any nation. Besides the Education Sector, Teaching as a profession has also improvised drastically. This profession has faced dramatic alteration & the introduction of technology in this profession. To assist this profession, managing Educational Institutions & maintaining Students data. MEGAbIT has designed a complete Institute Management Solution (IMS). The IMS contain below segments,
1- Teacher Portal, which assist to maintain teacher’s time table according to the classes, offered subjects, Salaries etc.
2- Student Portal, here school attendance to results can be monitored by the parents & school management.
3- Accounts Portal, organize the investments & earnings made by the school & by this protocol the School Administration will be able to extract the profit & the investment have been made in the month / Year or any specific time duration.

IMS is specifically designed for education sector contain; School, Private Tuition Centers, Universities & collages etc.